Try Something New

Outfit Details

White outside the box top- fashion nova

Maxi pants- Similar here

Cardigan- Similar here
        So this is me, trying out new things “pretty in pink”. Three things I thought I’ll never say together. But now i know I can.

        I usually don’t wear pink, not any reason in particular but I just felt it doesn’t look good on me. I literally felt like a fairy princess when I took these pictures, but pink works.

    I definitely feel all my viewers should try out new things. You’l never know what looks good on you unless you try. You don’t always have to follow the trend.

    What looks good on another person may not look good on you and vice verse. Those who shop online and from people who dress on Instagram may understand what I mean.

     Happy Child, Pretty In Pink🎀

                      Love yourself and stay pretty.


It’s May 10th, so happy birthday Danesi Momoh!!!❤️

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