Stay Away From…

          Stay away from hatred.

          Stay away from anger.                                                

      It hurts you the most. Not who you’re against .

  Stay away from negativity

        Believe in your dreams, not your nightmares.

   Stay away from laziness

        If you want something! go get it, work for it and achieve.

  Stay away from drama

  Stay away from fake

      You’ve got better things to do.

  Stay away from lies.

          Don’t believe all rumors you come across, some are destructive.

 Stay away from jealousy.

  Stay away from envy.

       Love yourself, don’t compare. No one is perfect.

  Stay away from failure.

       Your life is in your hands, make it worth living.

   Stay away from deceit.

         Keep your friends close, and your enemies close. Be careful.

       Thank you so much for visiting my blog❤️.Share! Love yourself and stay beautiful! What else should people stay away from. Love y’all.




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